Our ham products

After a meticulous quality control in our own meat standardisation centre in Reichenthal the meat parts for the ham production are beeing prepared; disassembled and fine trimmed. After the preparation of the raw material, the ham is being enhanced according to the particular requirements and flavour and carefully processed, cooked and smoked or only cooked – also this desicion is made by our customers.

Hochreiter Fleischwaren Schinken

The Product Configurator

SortsFormCut strengthPrimary packagingSecondary packaging
toast hamin the whole1 mmthermoforming packagingdisplay carton
leg hamsliced1,5 mmtubular bagTransportation carton
turkey hamdiced2 mmshrinkable bag 
Prosciuttostrips  6×6 mm  
pizza ham    
Halal turkey pizzablock    
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