The Hochreiter Salami

Select high-quality raw materials guarantee the outstanding quality of our salami products. Different seasoning mixtures add the finishing touch to our product range. Be it mild, spicy or aromatic, we have the right ingredients for every taste and requirement. Our quality salami matures according to cutting-edge Standards in beechwood smoke adhering to the traditional natural curing process, and is then air-dried in a particularly gentle way.

Hochreiter Fleischwaren Salami

Our naturally mature process

Taste is a question of maturity, which is why the Hochreiter salami is still naturally matured today!
Hochreiter has leading technology in salami ripening. Our salami is fermented and exclusively cold smoked. This smoking method offers a number of advantages.


  • Gentle production of the salami. This gets a mild smoky taste
  • Extends durability
  • Protection against yeast and mould formation
Hochreiter Fleischwaren Salami

The Product Configurator

SortsFormCut strengthPrimary packagingSecondary packaging
Salami 1Adiced1 mmthermoforming packagingdisplay carton
Cervelatsliced1,5 mmdom bowl Transportation carton
ChorizoWhips2 mmtubular bag 
Turkey 100%Salami to go Cup